Unexpected Vacation

I am on vacation. YAYYYY! Starting off at the new place on 2nd March. So I have a 15 day break before that. And I haven’t done ANYTHING ALL DAY! What’s funny is this feels no different from last week/ month/ 5 months when I was “meaningfully occupied” :P

Anyway so I am on a 15 day vacation and lots of good things are coming my way. Most important of all, I am off on a 4 day sabbatical (I hate this word.) from all responsibilities. I am off to Bombay, Yayayayyy!!! It’s been a while since I spent time with my parents ONLY as their daughter (read – the Brat they have known most of their lives, they are a little surprised with my “non-bratness” in the last few months and I need to put them at ease :P). So I am going to give them a surprise visit, primarily because I need it.

R’s parents coming to Bangalore after that, and I will not be caught dead without glass bangles for a good 10 days :D That said, I am glad that this year Holi will be everything it’s supposed to be – maalpua, dahi wada, kathal ki sabji. And family :)

I don’t have a personal computer right now and I can’t seem to write anything on a shared laptop. I am planning to buy a netbook but the Manis don’t buy or let buy without extensive research, hence the Mishra-Manis are waiting for the extensive research to be over so that they don’t buy a netbook that’s only “a cute small white/pink/blue thing and has wi-fi”. :P

So I am off on a nice little vacation. Nobody is driving me crazy, so I don’t have any urgency to rant on the blog, or even a personal machine to blog on.

See you on the other side! Leaving with the song of the moment…

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6 Responses to Unexpected Vacation

  1. Shradha says:

    Girl.. Really happy for you.. Meet/Call me during your 4 days “SABBATICAL” in Mumbai!!!


  2. Thanks Shradha… Sure will! :)


  3. divyanka says:

    Kathal ki subzi!!!…rockstar Holi it will be :)


  4. LOL! I think so too babe :)


  5. Glass bangles means you are married, yes? I didn't know. Congrats!

    And faith is all I'm living on :)


  6. SwB, yus yus married indeed :)


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