Bonnie and Clyde

At Carlton Towers, overlooking one of the fountains at the entrance, is this amazingly bright red place called Bonnie and Clyde. That I LOVED! I had been getting Burrp mobile alerts for a while, and couldn’t wait to go check out the place myself. I did last Sunday. And it’s AWESOME!

A rather small place – red walls (yes, yes, I loved the walls THE MOST!) with pictures of rockstars from yesteryears and outside seating overlooking the fountain… And a place that STILL plays Eagles. There’s something very quaint and pleasant about Bonnie and Clyde. The brilliant Bangalore weather adds to the ambiance. And the food is to die for. Brilliant, fresh and healthy sandwiches, super smooth rich pastries, but what I liked the most was their Chicken Caesar Salad – complete with fresh lettuce and olives. And lots of complementary drinks, mainly cola. The place doesn’t serve alcohol, and I sort of liked that. It makes Bonnie and Clyde very “fresh”, for the lack of a better word (and I know I am overdoing “fresh”. LOL!)

But the best thing about B&C is how little you pay for all of it! A heavy meal of sandwich and salad and pastries for two adults that generally overeat on weekends (and on weekdays too :P) cost 375! Great value for money I say, in true Bangalorean style. Because there was something about this place that made me love Bangalore a little more than I do on most days :) What adds to the love is that you can’t find a place like this in the middle of a busy road in any other city!

B&C is great for casual outings, even better for some nice, feel good, nostalgic conversation. I give it 4/5, -1 only for its rather dry french fries. Totally recommended.

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2 Responses to Bonnie and Clyde

  1. Whoaaa …'visiting B&C' now goes in my bucket list thanks to this wonderful description of yours :)


  2. Hahaha! You must come visit.. You'll get a lot of MICA gyaan too here.. My husband is from there :)


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