… Of the good things in life

Hands down the best Biryani I have eaten in Bangalore – Hyderabad House, Koramangla. Totally miss-able because it’s not a grand place for evening outs. But the food was worth the risk. Priced slightly more than the chicken biryani at the more popular (I guess?) Hyderabadi Biryani, it was worth more than a few extra bucks we spent on it. Hyderabadi Biryani is all masala and the taste doesn’t quite settle. But this one, I can’t say it enough – SUPER! Can’t give you a complete review on service etc, because we ordered a take out. But for whatever it’s worth, this biryani brings your taste buds to life, it’s all flavours (as opposed to masala) and it’s a complete delight. 5/5. Hands down.

The biryani was the lifesaver of the day, because just before the biryani meal, I watched Evam’s Five Point Someone, a theatre adaptation of one of the most mediocre books that people bought and read like crazy. I do NOT appreciate Chetan Bhagat’s terrible writing (but I still read it because it’s the easiest thing to read on train journeys and loos… Ahem!). But I really thought that the man had a story he didn’t know how to tell, and maybe Evam, with all its experience, will not make a mistake with the story. But apart from PF playing in the background, there was NOTHING good or even average about the play. No impact, totally disconnected, bad acting, thick south indian accents – it was a lovely winter evening at Ranga Shankara gone totally sour! Give it a miss unless you know Evam personally I say!

Another lifesaver over the long weekend – Invictus. Adrenaline rush as is the norm with every sports movie, but that’s not all there is to the movie. There’s Morgan Freeman. And how! He does complete justice to what I remember of Mandela from the TV news. The same composure, similar smile – the man is the God of Feel Good – both Freeman and Mandela. And both achieve different levels of success with what seems like such ease on the surface. Super! I didn’t particularly like Matt Damon as the deep, thinking, almost sad sportsperson. He doesn’t quite look right in the role. But the movie otherwise was something I haven’t said about anything other than The Pursuit of Happyness – totally inspiring. I am going through a time in life that is totally full of uncertainties and has bits and pieces of self doubt thrown in. And Invictus is just the kind of movie I needed to get my head back in action!

I am sooo ready to hit work after a 4 day super break tomorrow. All hail the good things in life! :)

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2 Responses to … Of the good things in life

  1. darkiron says:

    Aah.. was looking for reviews of the play, and this is the first one i found.. Ouch! :)


  2. Well all I can say it give it a miss. My school inter school one act plays used to be better! :)


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