Rambling, ranting, and a few good things

I want to…
… go to a place really green
… sit by the sea
… not touch Outlook for 15 days
… not even look at another bloody excel file
… get right back to our monthly travelling days
… spend time with parents and their biased love and biased, conventional opinion of the world
… watch something as interesting as Prison Break on TV
… have a cup of coffee with extra caffeine shot
… not go to office for even one more day
… sit at Sinhgad Nescafe with my bunch of punters just like they were 5 years ago
… jump a couple of months ahead in time
… read a really good book with some really good chai
… take a coffee sutta break with Thakur and Varun. Outside the Vile Parle (E) office
… do more. At home. At work. In life. With myself. With others.
… go to Patna. Forget responsibilities for a day. Drown myself in the laughter of my supremely loud family
… see my sis laugh her heart out in her typical non-noisy way
… go to Nandi Hills with R. Just like last year. And come back home. Just like last year
… wake up to a smiling, sunny day
… just be. Happy. Peaceful. Sure. Just be.

But right now I am just glad I am thinking about good times, the ones that have gone by. The ones that are to come. What a horrible 4 day moodswing. And I didn’t have one good reason for it. I wonder if it’s the weather or the uncertainty of the next few weeks. But I feel the moodlift. I am just happy I am finally feeling S-O-M-E-T-H-I-N-G.

I am kind of stupid… You know?

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6 Responses to Rambling, ranting, and a few good things

  1. sWb, i think we knew each other in another life… Newton's Apple, Jill Of All Trades… Familiar? :)


  2. Yes I remember. Long time. When was that — 2004-05 I guess, right? Hope since then things have worked out the way you wanted them to.



  3. 2004-2005, yes. and yes, things worked out without much effort.. and worked out just right for me! :) 2004-2005 were days of teenage angst i guess.. :)


  4. Teenage angst, yeah. I still go through that sometimes, even now in my 30's :)


  5. LOL! who doesn't? :)


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