Bay Of Bengal, Indiranagar

Last Thursday I was galivanting around alone in Indiranagar with nothing much to do. R was out on some work and home was getting a little boring. The plan was to get some food from 100 Feet road, go home, and have lunch with R. But for once I decided to brave the metro construction on CMH road and check out Bay of Bengal.

I reached there and I was expecting a shabby place on the ground floor, just good enough to order a take away. I was in for a surprise. The restaurant is a slightly overdone place on the first floor and shabby is really the last thing it is. I haven’t eaten out alone in 2 years, so much as I was tempted to, I still decided to order a take out.

Their menu is quite elaborate, starting from the Bengali version of Aam Panna – Aamra Shorbot to the rasta food of Calcutta – mutton cutlets, veg chops, and even shingara (samosa, for the uninitiated) and jhal murhi. The maincourse has just as many choices – iliish, prawns, and my favourite – kosha mangsho. And luchi luchi luchi. The place is a foodie’s delight!

Not sure if all of it was risking my already depleting account balance considering the place and the crew didn’t look AS bengali as 6, Ballygunje, I decided to stick with the safest options – aalu dom, cholar daal, plain rice, and luchi (but of course). Came home, tried the food and turns out it was brrriliant! The daal was as authentic as they get, reminding me of the cook at my aunt’s place in Calcutta many years ago, luchis were soft and totally awesome. Not as authentic as daal, but super nevertheless. And the aalu dom was clearly one of the best I have ever had. A little rich, but it’s difficult to get ghar ka Bengali khana all the way here in Bangalore. Anyway the owner had told me I couldn’t have gone wrong with what I had ordered. And guess what – I hadn’t.

I had gone to Bay of Bengal by chance on Thursday, but I think now I will plan more trips here – R needs to eat the mutton cutlets and doi mangsho straight from the burner to really know the brilliance of Bong food, something he didn’t toally buy after the 6, Ballygunje buffet at a whopping 550 per person and now I realize, so not worth it. Bay of Bengal for me was worth every penny I spent which was not much, mind you. Rs 300 for what I had ordered was a paltry sum to pay for the food I ate that day. And what’s more, they deliver all the way to where I stay. I like very much. Overall 4/5 for me, out of which 2.4 (not sure how I arrived at this figure :P) is for the most awesome cholar daal ever!

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