Quick Fix Coriander Chutney

Through my growing up years in Patna, bright, green dhaniya chutney used to be a part of our lunch quite frequently. I used to hate it then. Until a couple of months back when I had a major craving for the chutney. It’s a quick fix and goes amazingly with almost everything. Adds the much needed spice in boring, everyday meals. Scribbling down its recipe, it’s the easiest way to make it – the only way I know :-P

Here’s what you need-
Juice of half a lemon
Green chilly
Grind (right word?) the coriander, salt, just a bit of ginger and garlic, a drop of mustard oil, and 1 green chilly into a reasonably consistent paste. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the paste. And it’s done! Goes best with plain chaawal daal.
A modified version of the chutney with which you can make the kind of chutney sandwich that you find ONLY in Marz-o-rin, Pune. Grind coriander, equal amounts of salt and sugar, and a drop of butter in a mixer. Spread the paste between 2 slices of bread and there it is – Marz-o-rin ka chutney sandwich!
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