My husband, much as he would like to believe otherwise, is not a hardcore romantic. He’s a realist. Completely! So I was rather surprised when I entered Lido@Ista for my birthday dinner last night, surprised because it was handpicked by him. And boy was it pretty (and romantic, much as I am embarrassed using this word – don’t know why)!

Ambience is one of the most important things about Ista. The pool side, the palm trees, the jazz music, the greens all around, the dim lights, the flicker of candles (that we missed on our table because we sat right next to the pool and the candle just wouldn’t stay!)… The works! The road from our house to Lido is a very crowded one. And it’s funny how right in the middle of all the buzz of the town, right next to a cinema theatre, there it is – this peaceful, green, pretty, breezy little restaurant. I can just go on…

We stuck to non alcoholic drinks because of all the checking that happens at way too many places between Ista and where we live. I didn’t mind though – the mocktails here were exquisite. Pretty and totally refreshing. The food wasn’t anything to die for – prawns in 6 different dips was mediocre, the mutton starter was brilliant, and the main course just about met expectations. The menu didn’t have too many options, but whatever they had was strictly decent. That said, the ambience makes up for anything that Ista may lack. Not exorbitant (also because we stayed off alcohol) if you go there to celebrate something. Otherwise, maybe. By my standards at least.
I also took a sneak peek into the bar at Ista and it looked quite exotic – open air and very inviting. I will have to plan to go there really soon.

Lido @ Ista is totally 4 on 5 for me. And the time I had there yesterday – priceless! :)

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